33 Shoreline


5 BED · 10 BATH · 9,000 SQFT


The house is almost 9,000 sq/ft, in addition to the four car garage with storage.  In addition to the 9,000 sq/ft of indoor space, we have 2,000 sq/ft of livable upper deck space with a fireplace, deck storage and a roof garden.  The deck at grade is about 3,000 sq/ft.

The master suite has two full baths and lots of closet space, we have 5 bedrooms (all with bathrooms), an office (or care giver lodging) at the front entry, a den with an ocean view,  breakfast room, dining room, BBQ,  laundry room, electrical room, 4 fireplaces, entry court, 10 bathrooms, wine storage, an open kitchen as well as a prep kitchen with a dumb waiter to 3 levels, linen storage, flexible media room/family room, gym, spa and delivery receiving area. 

The house (with a pool that daylights into the lower level) is split level with a 4x6 elevator and glass open stair, both that connect all 6 levels.  The house is ADA accessible on all levels including the decks.