The Perfect modern Hotel for the Modern City.

Located at the Entrance to Dana Point from Laguna Beach.  Perfect location for the Holiday Guest, the business traveler, or the world surfer.  


  • Full Service Restaurant
  • Full Service Bar
  • Automated quick Check-In
  • Fully Equipped Fitness Room
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Overnight Surfers Den
  • Cafe
  • Beach/Harbor Shuttle
  • Access to The Strand Hotel

About the Wave

60 HI-Tech Rooms.

“All the latest technology put in to all the rooms.”


40 Over night Surfers Den!

“Unique accommodations for the traveller on the budget,  A incredible social interaction between follow travelers. .”


Full Fitness and Pool.

“Fitness is important at the wave.  This is why all the latest equipment with a certified trainer available and miles of open air nature trails.”